Mumbai's Metro Line 4: Route, Map & Impact on Real Estate

Mumbai, known for its bustling streets and crowded public transport, is all set to witness a transformative change with the introduction of Metro Line 4. This ambitious project aims not only to enhance the city's transportation network but also to have a significant impact on its real estate landscape.

Mumbai Metro Line 4 Current Status and Key Details

Covering a length of approximately 32 Km, Mumbai Metro Line 4 is expected to have 30 stations along its route. With an estimated completion year of 2025, this project is poised to revolutionise commuting for millions of Mumbaikars. The route passes towards several key areas to provide transportation options. The details are given below.

Bhakti Park


Wadala TT


Anik Bus Depot

Dr Hedgewar Chowk

Siddharth Colony

Mulund Fire Station

Garodia Nagar

Maharana Pratap Chowk

Pant Nagar

Thane Teen Haath Naka

Lakshmi Nagar

RTO Thane

Shreyas Cinema

Mahapalika Marg

Godrej Company

Cadbury Junction



Surya Nagar


Gandhi Nagar


Naval Housing


Bhandup Mahapalika

Vijay Garden

Dongari Pada


Mumbai Metro Line 4 Route and Map

The route of Mumbai Metro Line 4 traverses through key areas of the city, connecting Wadala in the eastern suburbs to Kasarvadavali in Thane. The line passes through important neighborhoods such as Ghatkopar, Mulund, and Teen Haath Naka, providing seamless connectivity to commuters.

How Mumbai Metro Line 4 will Benefit the People?

Reduced Travel Time

One of the primary benefits of Mumbai Metro Line 4 is the significant reduction in travel time. Commuters traveling between distant suburbs and the city center can expect to reach their destinations much faster compared to traditional modes of transport.

Alleviating Traffic Congestion

By providing a reliable alternative to road transportation, Mumbai Metro Line 4 aims to alleviate traffic congestion on the city's overcrowded roads. This not only enhances the efficiency of daily commute but also contributes to a cleaner and greener environment.

Environmental Impact

With an increased emphasis on sustainable urban development, Mumbai Metro Line 4 is designed to reduce carbon emissions by promoting the use of public transportation. By encouraging more people to opt for metro travel, the project aims to mitigate the adverse environmental effects associated with vehicular traffic.

Mumbai Metro Line 4: Impact on Real Estate

The introduction of Mumbai Metro Line 4 is expected to have a profound impact on the city's real estate sector.

Increase in Property Value

Areas in proximity to metro stations are likely to witness a surge in property values. Properties in Bhandup, Vikhroli, Manpada, Tikuji-Ni-Wadi etc are going to get more value. Improved connectivity and accessibility offered by the metro line make these locations more desirable for both residential and commercial purposes, thereby increasing real estate demand.

Development of New Commercial and Residential Hubs

The development of metro infrastructure often leads to the emergence of new commercial and residential hubs along its route. Mumbai Metro Line 4 is expected to catalyze the growth of such hubs, attracting investments and fostering economic development in previously underdeveloped areas.

Accessibility and Connectivity Boost

Improved connectivity provided by Mumbai Metro Line 4 enhances accessibility to various parts of the city, thereby opening up new opportunities for businesses and residents alike. Areas that were once considered distant suburbs may now become more accessible and attractive destinations for living and working.

In conclusion, Mumbai Metro Line 4 represents a significant milestone in the city's journey towards sustainable urban development and improved quality of life for its residents. By revolutionizing transportation and reshaping the real estate landscape, this project is poised to leave a lasting legacy on the financial capital of India.

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